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Tour Horn High Tone 24v

High-pitched Tour-de-France airhorn, otherwise same model as Tour horn, complete set with compressor, penetrating signaling noise , 24V, Fiamm code: 921968. Often used by the cyclist teams' vehicles

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FIAMM Tour Horn High Tone 24v

If you like the tour horn, but want something extra to it..
We advise the Fiamm Tour Horn High tone. It has the same amount of decibels, but is a bit more ear-piercing than the regular set due to the higher tone.
For the same reason it is also used in professional cycling team cars. We sometimes wonder what the riders think of it..

Delivery includes:

3x air horn
1x compressor
1x tubing, Ø 6mm

Product information          Technical details
Material ABS, aluminium/steel   Voltage 24V
Length 20,3cm - 14,7cm   Ampere 0,8A
Trumpet Ø 7cm   Volume 116dB (A)2m
Fiamm Code
EU-Registration 10 ECE     828Hz
Please note:

1. You will need a 24 volt power supply or battery on board
for this acoustic device.

2. Also be advised that these horns are not road legal in some countries.

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