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Tour de France horn metal horns
Tour horn luxury

Tour-de-Frances-Horn in luxurious chrome version, 12V, three horns, used during Tour-de-France & othercycling races, Fiamm code: 920387

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The Fiamm Tour horn MT3i/M for all you posh cycling fans out there.
This Fiamm Tour horn, also known as Tour de France horn, is fitted with metal horns.
The metal horns are more ruggid than the plastic horns in the regular set. This set produces the same tone, but mounted on your motorcycle, or outside your vehicle it just looks better. (under the bonnet too by the way)

Delivery includes:

3x chrome-finished horn
1x compressor
1x air tube
mounting material
Note: Wiring and brackets not included
Product information        Technical details
Trumpet Ø 7,1cm - Ø 8,2cm Volume (2m) 116dB
Length 14,1cm - 30cm Frequencies 622Hz
Compressor 15,6cm x 6,9cm   695Hz
Fiamm code 920387   788Hz
Registrations 10 ECE    

Please note:

1. This horn is not plug & play, you need to install it yourself.
If you are born with two left hands, please always make sure you get help
from a mechanic.

2. You will need a 12 volt power supply or battery on board for this acoustic device.