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FIAMM M4 ALA. This air horn set is especially produced for the Italian market. Mostly used in public transport such as coaches and busses as an extra warning signal.

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How Italian and French can you get!?
With these air horns you'll bring some Italian sound to your vehicle. These horns are produced by Fiamm for the Italian public transport. Busses and coaches use it as an extra warning signal.
Even better: some Pro cycling teams also use it as Tour horn in their team cars.

So with this musical air horn set you'll have the Giro d'Italia and Tour the France all in one under the bonnet. The set comes in both 12v and 24v.

Please note:
Installation of this horn takes some time and technical knowledge. It is not plug and play.
As there are too many different types of vehicles we can not advise you installing the Tour Horn in your vehicle. If you are born with two left hands, please always make sure you get help from someone who does know what he/she is doing.
Also be advised that these horns are not road legal in some countries.

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