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Hadley 868-861 ECE set

Hadley H00861ECE (24,5"/62cm) & H00868ECE (30"/95cm) set, low & high tone, brass with chrome finishing.

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According to us one of the most beautiful sounding combinations
of Hadley air horns. This set consist of the Hadley brass horns with
chrome finish H00868ECE and H00861ECE truck horns. Together
they sound full, pleasant, but still penetrating.

Delivery includes:

2x truckhorn
2x horn support
optional: additonal parts
Product information          
Material brass with chrome finishing  
Length 62cm / 24,5" &
95cm / 29"
Trumpets Ø15,2cm / 6" &
Ø18,5cm / 7,3"
Hadley Code H00861ECE & H00868ECE  
EU-Registration e11  
Please note:

You will need an extra air pressure source or compressor and
tank with valve/solenoid and tubing, which produces 6bar - 8bar pressure.

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