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Hadley 2003A Truckhoorn
Hadley low tone Aluminium Horn

Low tone truckhorn made from aluminium, 73.5cm/29", rectangular trumpet with shield, high quality sound with little weight, Hadley code: H02003A

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The light weight Hadley truck horn. This air horn has a projector, or
trumpet made of aluminium. Although "light weight" this truck horn
sounds just as serious as the other truck horns made by Hadley.

Delivery includes:

1x 73,5cm horn 
1x horn support & rubber pads
optional: additonal parts

Material aluminium
Length 73,5cm / 29"
Trumpet 21,2cm x 11,9cm / 8,3" x 4,7"
Hadley Code H02003A

Please note:

You will need an extra air pressure source or compressor and
tank with valve/solenoid and tubing, which produces 6bar - 8bar pressure.

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