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Fultone-T FIAMM truckhorn

Fultone-T Set, double airhorn (firmly mounted), stainless steel, 41.5cm, perfect as horn for trucks & other vehicles, Fiamm code: 920308

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1x double air horn
Product information           Technical details
Material Stainless steel   Air Consumption 0,9 l/sec
Measurements 8,8cm x 17,5cm x 41,5cm   Pressure 5bar - 12bar
Trumpet Ø 10,3cm   Volume 117dB
Fiamm Code 920308   Frequency 300Hz
EU-Registration 10 ECE     260Hz

Please note:

You will need an extra air pressure source or compressor and
tank with valve/solenoid
and tubing, which produces 6bar - 8bar pressure.